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BISS45 - Berlin Orthodontics
Dr. Philipp F. Gebhardt (DMD)
Bismarckstraße 45-47
10627 Berlin
Telephone: 030 34358690 
E-mail: post (at) biss45.de
Website: www.biss45.de

Legal professional title: Dentist
Awarding country: Federal Republic of Germany
Competent council:
Berlin Dental Association

Stallstraße 1
10585 Berlin
Tel.: 030 348080
Fax: 030 34808240

E-mail: info (at) zaek-berlin.de
Competent supervisory authority
Berlin Association of Statutory Health Insurance for Dentists

Georg-Wilhelm-Straße 16
10711 Berlin

Professional regulations:
Dentistry Act, Act on the Councils for the Medical Professions, Fee Schedule for Dentists, Professional Code
Further information on professional standards:
 - Professional Code for the Berlin Regional Dental Association
 - Act on the Medical Professions for the Region of Berlin
These regulations can be found in the Law Gazette for the Region of Berlin

Responsible party for contents according to § 5 TMG (German Teleservices Act):

Dr. Philipp F. Gebhardt (DMD)

Idea, design and programming

XDCMEDIA - Advertising agency for classic and new media
Kaiserstraße 110a 
D-45699 Herten
+49 (0) 2366 589205
support (at) xdcmedia.de

Medical information

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Legal texts from § 13 TMG concerning data protection instructions

Date: June 2014


§ 13 Obligations of the service provider

(1) The service provider is to inform the user at the start of using the website of the type, scope and purposes of the collection of personal data, as well as the processing of his/her data in states other than the area of application set out in directive 95/46/EG of the European Parliament and the Council of 24th October 1995 concerning the protection of individual persons during the processing of personal data and the free movement of data (ABI. EG No. L 281 l. 31) in a generally understandable form, provided that such information has not already been provided. If the process is automated and facilitates the identification of the user at a later time and prepares the collection of personal data, the user must be informed of this process from the beginning. The content of this advisory information must be accessible to the user at all times.

(2) Agreement can be indicated electronically if the service provider ensures that, 1. the user is aware of their agreement and has knowingly imparted it, 2. the agreement is recorded, 3. the user can access the content of the agreement at any time and 4. the user can revoke his/her future agreement at any time.

(3) The service provider must refer the user to their legal rights according to Paragraph 2 No. 4 before the user expresses his/her agreement. Paragraph 1 Line 3 applies accordingly.

(4) The service provider is to ensure by means of technical and organisational provisions that, 1. the user can terminate the service at any time, 2. the data acquired over the course of the access or other similar use is deleted immediately after termination, or in cases outlined in Line 2, blocked, 3. the user is able to make secure use of telemedia without third parties gaining knowledge thereof, 4. the personal data can be used separately in different forms of telemedia by the same user, 5. data can only be pooled for accounting purposes according to § 15 Paragraph 2, and 6. user profiles cannot be pooled with identifying information of the bearer of a pseudonym in compliance with § 15 Paragraph 3.

A blockage then replaces the deletion of user data, insofar as a complete deletion conflicts with legal, statutory or contractual data retention periods, in accordance with Line 1 No. 2.

(5) The user is to provide notification of any re-assignment to another service provider.

(6) The service provider is to make possible the use of telemedia and related payments either anonymously or under a pseudonym, provided that this is technically and reasonably possible. The user is to be informed of this possibility.

(7) In line with § 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act, the service provider is to grant the user access to his or her personal data, or that which is saved under a pseudonym. This information can also be transmitted electronically upon request of the user.

Privacy policy

The protection of your personal data is very important to us when we collect, process and use such data upon your visit to our website. Your data is protected according to legal regulations. Following, you can find information regarding which data is collected during your visit to the website and how it is used.


1. Collecting and processing data

Every access to our website and every request for a file on our website is logged. This storage serves internal system related and statistical purposes. The following is logged: Name of the retrieved file, date and time of the query, transferred data amount, report of successful query, web browser and inquiring domain. The IP addresses of the enquiring computers are also stored.

A more comprehensive collection of personal data only takes place if you provide this information voluntarily, for example within the scope of an enquiry or registration.

2. Insofar as you have made personal data available to us, we solely use it to answer your enquiries, to process contracts we have entered into with you and for technical administration.

Your personal data will only be transferred or otherwise disclosed to third parties if this is necessary for the fulfillment of contractual duties or accounting purposes or if you have given your prior consent. You are entitled to revoke your given consent at any time in the future.

Stored personal data will be deleted if you revoke your permission to store it, if the knowledge of that information is no longer necessary in regard to the purpose for which it had been stored or if the storage of that information is not permitted due to other legal reasons.

3. Right to information

Upon written request, we will be happy to inform you about your stored personal data.

Safety notice:

By taking all available technical and organisational measures, we strive to store your personal data in a manner which protects it against third party access. When communicating via email we cannot guarantee full data integrity. We therefore recommend sending us any confidential information by regular mail.

5.Legal validity of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is considered part of the website's content and as such refers to the material provided on this website. If parts or individual formulations within this text do not correspond, correspond no longer or do not completely correspond with the current legal situation, the remaining parts of the document in its contents and its validity remain unaffected.