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With a functional diagnostic examination on the path to your personalised jaw joint treatment

Pain experienced in the jaw area is often the consequence of stress, and can lead to exhaustion, headaches and tinitus (ringing in the ears).

Alongside the teeth and the jaws, the human masticatory system is also made up of the mandibular joints, the chewing muscles and the surrounding soft tissue. Since harmonious interaction of all the parts is required for optimum functionality of the chewing apparatus, it has a decisive influence on our well-being.

In order to get to the bottom of your jaw complaint, we make use of functional analysis which examines the interaction between your teeth, muscles and jaw. To this end, with the help of musculatory examinations, the flexibility of your lower jaw will be tested, which is the decisive indicator of the condition of the jaw and the chewing muscles.

Treatment with occlusal splints / night guards

More and more people in the modern age complain of being stressed. Quite often, our bodies react with teeth grinding, also known as bruxism.
In order to prevent serious jaw disorders, it is important to relieve the chewing system with the help of a splint. In most cases, a personalised splint made of plastic will be used, which allows the jaw to recover and thereby reduces pain and muscle tension.

To make the matching splint, we take an impression of your teeth and produce an individually designed occlusal splint for you in our very own laboratory. The transparent plastic splint, which will be made for either the upper or lower jaw, is worn at night.
The night guard allows the chewing apparatus to rest entirely and prevents excessive wear and tear of the tooth enamel (abrasion).

Costs and consultation appointments

The cost of the treatment is taken up by the statutory health insurance. In the course of the examination of the jaw, additional costs can arise, which we are happy to explain to you in person. Book a non-binding consultation in our attractively decorated modern practice rooms in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin - The Biss45 team looks forward to meeting you!