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Design your very own removable braces

Take the smart option - if you are disciplined in wearing your braces regularly, misaligned teeth can be corrected to a large extent while the length of time for which you have to wear them is also considerably reduced. We’ll also make the braces in your favourite colour or with the logo of your favourite team!

A wider range of goals that can be achieved by opting for removable braces: You can provide space for teeth to come through, close gaps that have already developed, or stretch the jaw. They are made out of an acrylic resin base, which fits snugly around the teeth. Individually adjusted retaining elements made from stainless steel wires serve to fix the brace in place. The brace is made larger or smaller by means of manually-operated integrated orthodontic screws.

The correction element as well as the srews are adjusted at regular intervals in order to achieve the desired goal. The brace must be worn continually for approx. 14 hours, mainly at night, in order to achieve this.

Active plates

An active plate involves a removable brace which is equipped with spring elements for the purposes of tooth movement, or screws for the purposes of lengthening the jaw. To manufacture them in our laboratory, we exclusively use high-quality and allergen-free materials. The brace is available in various different colours, and can be emblazoned with a motif upon request.


A bionator is a continuous, passively-functioning apparatus made out of a combination of plastic and metal. When the patient clenches their jaw, the jaw is then fixed and unmovable. Targeted adjustments can be made to the bionator in order to move individual teeth. Rather than moving the teeth by means of springs and wires, the pressure created by chewing is instead directed towards individual teeth. The bionator is moreover precisely positioned by being connected to a palatal bar moulded to the top of the mouth, which ensures optimum stability.


The activator functions in a similar way to the bionator. In a course of early treatment, it is used either while the milk teeth are still in place or during the mixed dentition phase as the permanent teeth are emerging. It also works on both jaws simultaneously and corrects their relative position to each other. The activator can be used, for example, to correct under or over bites. Other defective mouth functions, such as lip biting, tongue thrusting or abnormal swallowing can also be treated.

Functional regulator

This removable treatment device serves to correct positional anomalies in the lower jaw, for example in case of an underbite. The functional regulator is often used while milk teeth are still present in conjunction with a course of early treatment and in children between the ages of 9 and 11.  The brace is designed individually for each patient in order to achieve the desired growth promotion or inhibition.

Bite jumping appliance

This brace is another type of functional orthodontic device. It consists of two parts: a plate each for the upper and lower jaws, which are connected to each other by means of a metal bar. The bite jumping appliance helps to control the growth of the jaws as well as to reduce any impact on the chewing, tongue or lip functions. It is suitable for use in children and teens in the mixed dentition phase.

Retention plates/retaining clips

After a successful conclusion to an orthodontic treatment, at Biss45 we are committed to maintaining the result in the long-term. Put simply, our aspiration is that teeth will stay in the right position for a lifetime. To achieve this, an appliance called a retention plate is used, which prevents the teeth from moving again. The cooperation of the patient is fundamental to the success of this kind of treatment, since in order to achieve this stabilisation, the retaining clips must be worn regularly, and usually at night.