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Do you sleep like a baby, or does your snoring drive you up the wall?

More than 6 million Germans suffer from chronic snoring, or from their partner’s snoring - does this sound familiar?

Nowadays, snoring is a key research topic and has attracted the attention of sleep specialists, ENT specialists, dentists and orthodontists to name but a few. The key to a healthy and recuperative night’s sleep is free passage of air through the throat and mouth. People with sleep-related respiratory conditions awake poorly-rested even after long sleep phases, and feel tired and weak throughout the day.

Abnormal snoring should be treated as soon as possible

The cause of nighttime snoring is a slackening of the upper airways in the throat area. While moments of apnea happen in everyone, recurring respiratory pauses of a longer duration (sleep apnea) are a cause for concern and require professional clarification. Warning symptoms are, for example, pauses in breathing during sleep, diminished concentration, nighttime sweating or increased irritability.

Serious consequences of sleep apnea

Interruption to a person’s breathing can cause a shortage of oxygen, which is particularly dangerous for the brain and the heart. To compensate for the diminished oxygen saturation, the heart must beat more quickly. This leads to long-lasting damage of the heart muscle. Moreover, the interruptions in breathing trigger a stress reaction, which also overburdens the heart. The consequences often manifest themselves as high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia and heart palpitations. The risk of a heart attack rises by 30% in affected patients, and the risk of a stroke is also significantly higher than in healthy people.

In many cases a snore guard can provide the solution

With a special anti-snoring mouthpiece (lower jaw brace), the lower jaw can move forwards easily, thus resolving the restriction of the throat. The mouthpiece is removable and therefore easy to handle. The success of the product is largely dependent on the patient’s permanent use. Depending on the severity of the condition, different mouthpieces may be used.

The result is a significant reduction in sleep apnea which leads to a demonstrable improvement in fitness and reduction of health risks.

Costs and Consultation

With regard to costs incurred, we would be happy to advise you fully and discreetly in our practice. Arrange a non-binding consultation in our modern practice rooms in Berlin-Charlottenburg – The Biss45 team looks forward to meeting you!