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Fixed braces are not necessarily fixed braces

It’s never too late to get that perfect smile! Beautiful straight teeth together with a healthy chewing function: the results of your teeth straightening are certainly worth it.

In the modern age, a huge number of suppliers offer orthodontic brackets (small dental calculi) and arches, which differ, for example, in their composition. We at Biss45 are always eager to please, and are careful to ensure that, alongside professional treatment, we use materials produced by well-known manufacturers. You can be confident that our treatment will incorporate the latest advances in science.

Latest high-tech methods for perfect teeth

Brackets can be used in treatments with fixed braces, which are secured in precisely calculated positions on the teeth.
These small technical masterpieces are configured in such a way that ensures you end up with the desired position of your teeth.

Fixed braces which are glued to the outside of the teeth are, however, very obvious. If you opt for the transparent ceramic brackets, these are far less noticable. Thanks to modern technology and elastic arches, today we are able to move your teeth more quickly, more gently and therefore more comfortably.

Unobtrusive ceramic brackets with good cost-effectiveness

Thanks to their crystal clear colour, ceramic brackets are very discrete, and are therefore able to satisfy very high aesthetic demands. The outer surfaces are polished with a special technique, and are therefore smoother: as a result, bacteria have less of a chance of taking hold. Adults often choose this variant of treatment, as the brackets are made with high-quality materials, appealing aesthetics and are highly efficient, meaning they are exceedingly cost-effective.

Self-ligating brackets - gentle treatment, shorter treatment times

Self-ligating bracket systems are not attached using any bothersome and unaesthetic metal ligatures (wires), and this innovative quality represents the latest generation of bracket design. As a result of this special technique, there is less rubbing between orthodontic wires and the bracket, which allows for quick and painless treatments.
At Biss45 we are strong proponents of the self-ligating Smart Clip Bracket, which opens automatically in case of excessive force and releases the orthodontic wires. Your teeth are thereby gently yet efficiently moved in the desired direction. The brackets made of high-tech ceramic are completely transparent, creating the possibility of an almost entirely inviisble teeth alignment treatment. Moreover, due to the lack of wire ligatures, it is easier to clean your teeth, and it is harder for food residue to become stuck on the brackets.

What’s more, in many cases the duration of the treatment is reduced by up to 15%, and fewer check-up appointments are required due to the optimised sliding mechanism.

Costs and consultation appointments

With a view to additional arising costs and possible financing options, we’re happy to give you comprehensive and discrete advice in our practice. Make a non-binding consultation in our attractively decorated modern practice rooms in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin - The Biss45 team looks forward to meeting you!