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You’ll be surprised: fixed braces doesn’t necessarily mean fixed braces

Through the use of new techniques and materials, these days braces can be designed much more attractively, and have become a go-to option.

The fixed brace, also known as multi-band or multi-bracket appliances, consists of small holding brackets made of various materials and is glued directly onto the teeth. Gentle adhesive techniques ensure that no damage is done to the tooth enamel. An elasticated metal arch is attached to the brackets to move the teeth precisely into place.

A treatment with fixed braces usually lasts between 2 and 3 years, which means that on average the treatment time is significantly less than if a removable apparatus is used. Furthermore, the brace works 24 hours a day, no matter the level of discipline of either the patient or the parents.

Opting for unobtrusive ceramic brackets is sound advice

Thanks to their crystal clear colour, ceramic brackets are very discrete, and are therefore able to satisfy very high aesthetic demands. The outer surfaces are polished with a special technique, and are therefore smoother: as a result, bacteria have less of a chance of taking hold. The chance of discolourations is eliminated due to the high-quality materials. Throughout the treatment process, the brackets are characterised by high levels of precision and reliability. The duration of treatment is also reduced as a result of the frictionless system.

Speed Brackets are among the most popular steel brackets

These ultra-modern brackets are extremely small and have particular advantages: Thanks to very precise manufacturing and an improved force transmission, the length of treatment can be shortened by up to 50%. Furthermore, these small brackets are less visible and much easier to clean, which makes living with the braces all the more pleasant. Another advantage is the lessening of pressure-induced discomfort due to the decreased amount of rubbing.

Info for parents

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