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A professional sports mouthguard protects both teeth and braces

Studies show that around 1/3 of injuries affecting the mouth and face occur while playing sport*

It’s not only during combat sports such as boxing or karate that wearing a mouthguard makes sense. Even during more everyday sports such as inline skating, basketball and hockey among others, ever more serious injuries are occuring which are accompanied by tooth loss, painful gum injuries, injuries to the lips, tongue and jaw bones. Protective clothing such as helmets or joint protectors are already well-established on the market: in some sports it’s even mandatory to wear a mouthguard.

A good mouthguard adds to the safety precautions and avoids often irreparable injuries. At Biss45, we will make you a personalised sports mouthguard, which offers optimum protection to the teeth, jaws and fixed braces thanks to its precision fit. Furthermore, the mouthguard is exceedingly comfortable and does not restrict sporting activities in the least.

Costs and consultation appointments

The costs of a sports mouth guard are met privately. We are happy to provide comprehensive and discrete guidance on the costs in our practice. Book a non-binding consultation in our attractively decorated modern practice rooms in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin - The Biss45 team looks forward to meeting you!

 *The National Youth Sports Foundation estimates that more than 5 million teeth per year are lost as a result of sporting injuries in the USA.