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Lingual Apparatus - The Win® System by DW Lingual Systems®


Due to our many treatments in recent years, since January of this year BISS45 has been awarded the higest level of discount at DW Lingual Systems®.


Lingual orthodontics entails using fixed dental braces on the inside of the teeth. The teeth can move just as quickly and efficiently as with conventional fixed dental apparatus on the outside of the teeth. Lingual braces are the more aesthetically pleasing way of fixing tooth alignmqualitent - as good as invisible from the outside. So nobody will notice that you’re undergoing treatment with a fixed dental brace.

Orthodontic corrections can be performed at any age, provided the periodontium is healthy. Lingual fixed braces in particular allow for a wide range of individual solutions for complex dental issues.


- Works reliably
- Can be done at any age
- Extremely flat design equates to increased comfort while wearing
- For simple and difficult cases
- Made by professionals