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Tooth correction for children

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Basically, it can be said that removable braces are used for children aged 6–12 years. The braces utilize the growth of the jaw, for example, to allow the permanent teeth to grow into the correct position. The function of the muscles can also be used to influence the growth of the oral cavity. This is where the name functional orthodontics (FKO) comes from, which is carried out using devices such as activators, bionators, etc.

18-month treatment

Early treatment: anterior crossbite

Within the scope of an early treatment, the patient's anterior cross bite was repaired within 18 months in order to ensure a regular development of the upper and lower jaw. An exact adjustment of all teeth is not the aim of the treatment.

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Lateral crossbite

A lateral cross bite causes a displacement of the lower jaw. This leads to asymmetrical adjustments in the temporomandibular joint. Therefore, the growth of the jaws should be guided correctly by a removable appliance.


An increased step between the front teeth acutely increases the risk of trauma of the upper anterior teeth. Therefore the growth of the jaws should be guided correctly by a removable appliance.

Anterior crossbite

An anterior cross bite is usually caused by the excessive growth of the lower jaw and causes a non-occlusion of the anterior teeth. Therefore, the growth should be guided correctly with braces.

Crowding/ lack of space

A crowding or loss of space usually provides an unstable support for the teeth and can lead to premature contacts which put strain on the temporomandibular joint and lead to the loss of tooth substance. In addition, the risk of caries may increase.

Open bite

An open bite can be recognized when the front teeth have no contact. Often an interdisciplinary therapy in cooperation with speech therapists is recommended here, as the tongue can be the trigger for the situation.

Deep bite

A deep bite can be recognized by the fact that almost none of the lower anterior teeth are visible when in occlusion. This leads not only to overloading of the temporomandibular joints, but also to abrasions of the teeth (loss of tooth substance).

Removable Appliances

Several goals can be achieved with removable orthodontic appliances: They can create space for the permanent teeth to erupt, close existing gaps or expand the jaw. They are made of a special acrylic base that lies in close contact with the teeth and jaw. Individually manufactured elements for retention made of stainless steel wire are used to ensure a good fit of the appliance. With integrated orthodontic screws, the braces can be manually enlarged or reduced.

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