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Invisible braces

Discover the discreet way of teeth correction with our WIN Lingual braces, which are placed behind the teeth and remain invisible.


Due to its position on the inside of the tooth, the braces are not visible in everyday life.

4x lower cavity risk

In recent years, studies have shown that the risk of cavity is 4 times lower compared to conventional fixed braces.

25% discount

As No.1 in Berlin and TOP20 worldwide, we get the maximum discount on the costs of the materials.

Before and after the treatment

The animation demonstrates the correction of crowding in the upper jaw using an invisible brace from Lingual Systems, after 13 months of BISS45 treatment.

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WIN Lingual discreetly corrects malpositioned teeth

WIN Lingual is the common name for the fixed and, thanks to lingual technology (from the inside), also invisible WIN appliance from DW Lingual Systems. "Lingual" means "facing the tongue." The WIN Lingual braces are attached to the inside of the teeth and are therefore essentially invisible.

All types of displaced teeth can be treated with the lingual technique. While other lingual braces are not suitable for children and adolescents with mixed dentition, the WIN Lingual from DW Lingual Systems can be used to treat adolescents as well as adults. The decisive advantage of WIN Linguals over other lingual braces is that they allow individual treatment of the patient. The bracket base, the bracket body as well as the arch wires are individually adapted to the patient's jaw or tooth shape. This enables an extremely flat design of the bracket base and at the same time ensures high wearing comfort.

How does the treatment with the invisible braces work?

After the malpositioned teeth have been diagnosed, a digital impression of the upper and lower jaws, including the bite registration is taken. In this way, it is possible to create a three-dimensional model of the dentition. This model, made in our BISS45 Factory, the individual tooth positions are corrected and the teeth are lined up based on a dental arch specially selected for the patient to prepare the lingual brackets. Following that, the WIN Lingual Brackets are applied to the patient's dentition with a transfer splint and attached to the inside of the teeth.

Finally, the individually customized arch wire will be fixed to the teeth using the slots of the brackets. These arch wires are then responsible for successively straightening the teeth, bringing them into the desired position. The journey to your perfect smile will be checked by our orthodontists at regular intervals in order to achieve the best possible treatment result. After the treatment is completed, the lingual technique can be removed again without any problems.

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Save costs with WIN Linguals - with BISS45 you benefit from the highest discount status

Quick and easy tooth movements, just like conventional fixed braces - but without any aesthetic compromises! The orthodontic treatment with WIN Linguals invisibly offers visible results. Since the base of the lingual brackets offers a wide surface for adhesion, the adhesive strength of the WIN brackets is excellent. WIN Lingual is made of a stainless-steel alloy. This makes them much cheaper than the brackets made of gold alloys. Thanks to our great relationship, BISS45 has been awarded the highest discount status by DW Lingual Systems®, and we're more than happy to pass the savings on to our patients!

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The advantages of WIN Lingual at a glance

  • Completely invisible from the outside
  • Optimal comfort
  • Visible results in no time
  • 4x lower risk of cavities compared to other conventional braces
  • Barely any restrictions in everyday life
  • No teeth were harmed in the making of your perfect smile using lingual braces
  • No aestehtic compromise

Even more advantages of invisible braces

A big advantage of the WIN Lingual Braces is their very low risk of decalcification. While brackets on the vestibular tooth surfaces (in the oral cavity between lips and cheeks) occasionally cause decalcifications of the teeth and form white spots, this does not happen with the WIN appliance.

Another advantage is that you as a patient can see how the teeth move in the desired direction. Vestibular appliances obscure the view of the teeth, but with WIN Linguals the (new) tooth position is always visible. As a patient, you can see the success of the treatment with a simple glance in the mirror and immediately know why it is worth the effort and cost of this orthodontic treatment.

Our experience with the lingual technology of DW Lingual Systems

We at BISS45 like working with WIN Lingual from Lingual Systems. The lingual appliance is very easy to handle and noticeably shortens the treatment times as only a few fine-tuning steps are needed. The regular check-ups are also easier compared to the predecessor model Incognito.

The many benefits of the WIN Lingual braces made the appliance the best-selling invisible braces in Germany (and many other countries) only six months after the market launch. BISS45 can recommend the therapy with WIN Lingual in almost every case. We are happy to offer a non-binding, detailed consultation discussing the details of the Lingual Appliance in one of our orthodontic offices in Berlin.

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