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The BISS45 Braces Comparison

Overwhelmed by all the different types of braces? Let us help you with our BISS45 braces comparison.

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Type of ApplianceLingual bracesConventional bracesAlignersRemovable braces








Almost invisible


Adaptation phase

1 - 4 weeks

1 - 2 weeks

1 week - never fully adapt.

1 week - never fully adapt.

Wear time


Minimum treatment time

9 months9 months4 months18 months

Cavity risk

Very low cavity risk

Low cavity riskVery low cavity riskVery low cavity risk




Invisible Braces

For many patients, having braces may seem like a nightmare. We understand that very well. For this reason we have specialized in the therapy with invisible braces and are not only No.1 in Berlin but also TOP20 worldwide with invisible lingual braces from WIN Lingual Systems. Both teenagers and adults may be treated with this highly aesthetic method.

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Since aligners are made of transparent plastic, they are almost invisible and offer you optimal wearing comfort without metal wires and brackets. We work together with the market leader Invisalign to guarantee a maximum quality and comfort to our patients.

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Conventional Braces

For many teenagers the idea of wearing braces seems like a nightmare and can have a negative effect on their self-confidence. For this reason, teenagers are also increasingly being treated with invisible therapy techniques.

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Removable braces

Removable appliances are usually used for children between the ages of 8 and 14. We recommend an initial check-up from the age of 6 if early treatment is required.

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