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Removable braces for children

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What are removable braces and how are they manufactured?

Several goals can be achieved with removable braces: They can create space for the permanent teeth to erupt, close existing gaps or expand the jaw. They are made of a special plastic base that lies in close contact with the teeth and jaw. Individually manufactured elements for retention made of stainless steel wire are used to ensure a good fit of the appliance. With integrated orthodontic screws, the braces can be manually enlarged or reduced.

Both the elements for tooth correction and the screws are adjusted at regular intervals to achieve the desired result. The braces must be worn continuously for about 14 hours, and always at night. At night, the growth hormone melatonin is released. This not only helps to sleep deeply but also to guarantee an increased effectiveness of the braces.

What types of removable braces are there?

Active plates

Active plates are removable appliances equipped with spring elements for tooth movement or screws for jaw expansion. For the production in our laboratory we use only high-quality and biocompatible materials. The removable appliances are available in many different colours and, if desired, decorated with your favourite emoji, soccer club and much more.


The bionator is a single-block, passive, plastic-metal appliance that is sustained between the upper and lower jaw and solely retained by muscle tension. When in occlusion, the jaws become fixed and therefore immobile. In order to be able to move individual teeth, the bionator may be modified in the areas of interest. Instead of moving the teeth with springs and wires, the force generated when biting is directed to individual teeth. A palatal bow on top of the bionator provides further stability.  


The activator works similar to the bionator. It is used in early treatment in the primary dentition as well as in mixed dentition when the permanent teeth are erupting. It also acts simultaneously on both jaws and corrects their position in relation to each other. The activator is used in cases of an open bite or a deep bite. It can also be used to treat malfunctions such as lip biting, tongue pressing or abnormal swallowing.

Functional appliance by Frankel

This type of removable appliance is used to correct positional anomalies of the lower jaw, for example in the case of a mandibular prognathism. The Fränkel functional appliance is often already used in the primary dentition as part of early treatment and in children between 9 and 11 years of age. The individual design of the appliance allows both triggering and inhibition of growth of the jaws in order to achieve the desired jaw development and positioning.

Twin Block

The twin block appliance is another functional orthodontic appliance. It consists of two parts: one plate for the upper and one plate for the lower jaw, each equipped with an oblique bite plate perfectly adapted to the antagonist plate in order to achieve a protrusion of the lower jaw when in occlusion. The Twin Block is used to control the growth of the jaws and to regulate masticatory disorders as well as vicious tongue and lip habits. It is used in children and adolescents with mixed dentition.

Plates for Retention (Hawley Retainer/ Night-time Aligners)

After a successful orthodontic treatment, we at BISS45 aim to maintain the achieved result for a lifetime. The basic principle is that teeth will move during life. For this purpose, so-called retention plates are used, which prevent the teeth from shifting again. The patient's cooperation is crucial for success, because the retention appliance must be worn regularly - usually at night - to achieve stabilization of the final tooth position.

Tooth correction for children

A lasting healthy smile starting from an early age - Especially with children and teenagers, the main focus is put on health, function and sustainability in order to achieve long-lasting results.

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