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Fixed braces for adults and teenagers

With modern techniques and flexible wires, we are now able to move your teeth faster, more gently and therefore more comfortably.

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It's the little things that make the difference.

Beautiful and straight teeth combined with a healthy masticatory system as a result of your orthodontic treatment are worth their while. Nowadays, there is a multitude of suppliers for orthodontic brackets and arch wires, which are often different in composition. We at BISS45 always strive for your well-being and in addition to our professional treatment, we use high-end materials from renowned manufacturers based on the latest findings in science and literature.

Latest high-tech methods for perfect teeth

The treatment with fixed braces requires the use of so-called brackets, which are placed on precisely calculated points on the teeth. These small technical masterpieces are designed to move teeth to their ideal position.

Fixed braces, which are glued to the outer side of the teeth, are visible. However, if you decide on transparent ceramic brackets, they are much less noticeable. With modern techniques and elastic arches we are now able to move your teeth faster, more gentle and therefore more comfortable.

Discreet ceramic brackets with a great value for money

Ceramic brackets are very discreet due to their crystal clear colour and therefore meet your high aesthetic standards. Since the surfaces are polished using a special technique, they are smoother - which reduces the risk of bacterial adhesion. Adults very often choose this type of treatment because of its attractive price-performance ratio with high-end materials, appealing aesthetics and efficient dental corrections.

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Self-ligating bracket systems are a part of the most innovative and modern bracket generation and do not require any annoying and unaesthetic metal ligatures (wires) during the integration of the arch wire. Due to this special technique, frictional forces between the arch wire and the bracket are reduced, which allows a quicker and less painful therapy. We at BISS45 rely on the self-ligating Smart Clip Bracket, which opens automatically and releases the arch wire when too much force is applied. In this way, the teeth are moved gently and yet highly efficiently in the desired direction. The brackets made of high-tech ceramics are completely transparent and thus allow an almost invisible therapy. In addition, the lack of wire ligatures ensures better tooth brushing and less food residue is deposited on the brackets.

In addition, in many cases the individual treatment time is reduced by up to 15% and fewer check-ups are necessary due to the optimized sliding mechanism of the brackets.

We are happy to offer you a discrete consultation in one of our dental offices in order to discuss questions on additional costs and possible financing. Arrange a non-binding consultation in our modern orthodontic office in Berlin-Mitte or Berlin-Charlottenburg.

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